The Ark of the Covenant Has Been Found This I Know; For the Bible Tells Me So.

This page is designed for Seventh-day Adventists as the video material relies heavily on the writings of Ellen G. White. Ron Wyatt believed that Ellen White was a true prophet of God in the fullest sense of the word, as do I.

I wanted to film some Bible studies on the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant by the late Ron Wyatt. A lot has already been documented about the excavations, and eye witness accounts, photographs and video footage of the digs have already been produced. Some have tried to duplicate the excavations during last decade. Others have tried to verify Ron Wyatt's many different experiences during his ministry, like with the Israeli Authorities and the sample of blood that he said he had karyotyped, or the 6 men that died in an attempt to retrieve the ark. We have sought out eye witness accounts, letters and permits and anything we can to prove or disprove this discovery.

What I really wanted to do was to run a series of studies that uses the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy alone to investigate this discovery. So, not archaeology, not history, not eye witness accounts or documentation or photographs. I'd like to look at the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy alone and without any doubt, prove or disprove this discovery, and find out what God is trying to tell us through it. What is the message of the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant?

Even if I produced Ron Wyatt's permit to dig and a photograph of the Ark of the Covenant and an eye witness account of him discovering it, the skeptical Christian could just say that it is all fabricated, but if I showed you a Bible verse or a Spirit of Prophecy verse that proved it to be true, then the skeptical Christian would have to explain that verse, and in the absence of an explanation, one would hope that he would then accept the discovery.

If that same skeptical Adventist produced verses that proved the seventh-day Sabbath to a Sunday keeper, then he would expect the Sunday keeper to accept the seventh-day Sabbath in the absence of an explanation of those texts.

Now, if the Bible says something has happened, but someone said to you that they could prove it didn't happen, who would you believe? If archaeologists, historians, scientists, pastors, presidents and theologians told you they had proof that something didn't happen, but the Bible said it did happen, then who would you believe?

So I am going to try to prove from the Bible and SoP that the Ark of the Covenant is in a cave in Jerusalem, will be re-discovered and the Tables of Stone taken out and put on public display, and that the blood and water of Christ was sprinkled on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant when He died on the cross, confirming that the Ten Commandments are PART of the New Covenant and not done away with under the New Covenant.

Episode 1 - Where is the Ark of the Covenant? (16 minutes)

Ellen White says the Ark of the Covenant was hidden in a cave in Jerusalem, is still there at the time of writing in the early 1900s, and will be rediscovered and the Tables of Stone brought out and put on public display. The quote clearly says she is referring to the earthly Ark, and not the heavenly.

Episode 2 - The Arch of Titus and the Ark of the Covenant. (4 minutes)

The Arch of Titus shows the 7 Branched Candlestick being carried off to Rome after 70AD. Does this prove the Ark of the Covenant was carried off to Rome with it? Was the Ark even in the Second Temple?

Episode 3 - "We Should ONLY be Looking at the Heavenly Ark!" - But What Does Ellen White Say? (11 minutes)

When you prove from Inspiration that the Ark of the Covenant is still hidden in a cave in Jerusalem and Ellen White prophesied that it would be rediscovered and the Tables of Stone brought out and put on public display, some Adventists resort to the comment, "Well we should only be looking at the Heavenly Ark". What does Ellen White say about that?

Episode 4 - Crucified on Mount Moriah. (11 minutes)

Ellen White says Christ was crucified on Mount Moriah, outside the city walls, which cannot be the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, as that is on Mount Zion. When you look at the portion of Mount Moriah which is outside the city walls, it is a very small area indeed, and only leaves one candidate for the true site of the crucifixion.

Episode 5 - What Does the REAL Ark of the Covenant Look Like? (24 minutes)

There are several depictions of the Ark of the Covenant today, but only one matches the description in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.

Episode 6 - Type and Antitype. (35 minutes)

Critics of this discovery claim that the antitypical blood of the Messiah to reside upon the typical ark of the covenant, contradicts the biblical rules of type and antitype. Yet the antitypical, literal presence of God, the Shekinah Glory, resided above the typical ark of the covenant. There is more than one example in the Bible where God has utilised the typical to fulfil the antitypical.

Episode 7 - Daniel 9:24 and "to anoint a holy of holies". (15 minutes)

Daniel 9:24 lists 6 things that were prophesied to happen before 34A.D. The last thing on the list is "to anoint a holy of holies". Could this refer to the blood of Christ anointing the Ark of the Covenant at the cross?

Episode 8 - Ellen White on Daniel 9:24 - "The Anointed One - the Messiah". (11 minutes)

What does Ellen White say about the phrase "to anoint a holy of holies" in Daniel 9:24?

Episode 9 - " anoint a holy of holies". (11 minutes)

This episode completes our study into "to anoint a Holy of Holies" in Daniel 9:24.

Episode 10 - 1 John 5:8. (30 minutes)

1John 5:8 says, "...there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood..." The Hebrew says "bear evidence" and is the same word, that the same author uses to describe the literal blood and water of Christ that He sheds on the cross in John 19:34. Is 1John 5:8 telling us plainly that the literal blood and water of Christ is "evidence" which is "in the earth", exactly as Ron Wyatt discovered? 1John 5:8 is not a symbolic verse, for the "earth" and "the Spirit" are literal terms and not symbolic.

Episode 11 - "The Witness of God is Greater". (15 minutes)

This episode takes a further look into what 1John 5:8 actually means, and what is it's message to us. The Hebrew word for "witness" can also mean "evidence". Is the literal water and blood of Jesus in the earth, the evidence of God for the last generation?

Episode 12 - How to Confirm a Covenant. (20 minutes)

There are 3 requirements in the Bible to confirm a covenant: 1. A verbal agreement 2. A written agreement and 3. The agreement is sealed (i.e. signed or validated). We see this when Jeremiah purchased his land and other covenants that were made in the Bible. We also see these 3 elements at the confirmation of the old covenant at Sinai, and at the confirmation of the new covenant on the cross.

Episode 13 - How was the New Covenant Confirmed? (20 minutes)

In order to see how the New Covenant was confirmed on the cross, we have to find out how the Old Covenant was confirmed at Sinai. The confirmation of the Old Covenant at Sinai was a type of the confirmation of the New Covenant, which occured on the cross. Everything Moses did at Sinai, Christ had to do on or before the cross. Thus when Moses sprinkled blood and water above the Old Covenant law at Sinai, Christ had to sprinkle His blood and water above the New Covenant law on the cross.

Episode 14 - All the types had to be fulfilled. (12 minutes)

Christ HAD to sprinkle His blood and water above the law of the New Covenant, when He confirmed it on the cross. If He did not, He would not have been the Messiah, or God had forgotten to fulfil Hebrews 9:19! The Bible and Ellen White clearly say the Messiah HAD to fulfil ALL the types and shadows.

Episode 15 - The New Covenant was Confirmed on the Cross. (24 minutes)

Before the cross, Christ had promised (or covenanted with) man to die for him. It was only on the cross that Christ kept His promise, or confirmed that He kept His covenant to die for mankind. Thus, exactly as Ellen White says, Christ confirmed the New Covenant on the cross. Thus, in order to find the antitype to Hebrews 9:19, we have to look at the cross. Hebrews 9:19 was the confirmation of the Old Covenant, and its fulfilment is found at the confirmation of the New Covenant (on the cross).

Ellen White says Hebrews 9:19 had to be fulfilled on the cross (and therefore not in heaven). She quotes Exodus 24 and Hebrews 9:19 as the confirmation of the old covenant and says that the new covenant was confirmed on the cross. To insist that Hebrew 9:19 was confirmed in Heaven is a clear denial of these Spirit of Prophecy quotes. They are not written in poetic or symbolic language so leave little or no room for alternative interpretations.

Episode 16 - Hebrews 9:19 Could Not Have Been Fulfilled in Heaven. (14 minutes)

Some have suggested that the fulfilment to Hebrews 9:19 occured in heaven, when Jesus dedicated the heavenly sanctuary, and sprinkled blood and oil on the Mercy Seat of the heavenly Ark of the Covenant. However, you need blood and water to fulfil Hebrews 9:19, not blood and oil. Also, the New Covenant was confirmed on the cross and not in heaven. Lastly, the dedication of the heavenly sanctuary is the antitype to the dedication of the earthly sanctuary - not the confirmation of the Old Covenant. To look for the antitype to the confirmation of the covenant in the dedication of the sanctuary is to mix up types and antitypes.

Just two extra thoughts for Episode 16:
  • The Confirmation of the Covenant and the Dedication of the Sanctuary were two separate ceremonies in both the type AND THE ANTITYPE. The New Covenant was confirmed on the cross and the sanctuary was confirmed in Heaven. So we cannot lump the two distinct ceremonies together and call them one, and try to say Hebrews 9:19 was fulfilled at the Dedication of the Heavenly Sanctuary.
  • A friend has suggested that you do not need blood and water to fulfil Hebrews 9:19 so it could have been fulfilled with just blood, and he was suggesting at the Dedication of the Heavenly Sanctuary. He suggested that the water came from the blood so it is one and the same substance. But the Bible and SoP say "water and blood" and make a clear and distinct separation of the two substances, "From the wound thus made, there flowed two copious and distinct streams, one of blood, the other of water. This was noted by all the beholders, and John states the occurrence very definitely. He says, "One of the soldiers with a spear pierced His side, and forthwith came there out blood and water. And he that saw it bare record, and his record is true: and he knoweth that he saith true, that ye might believe..." {DA 771.4}. Both John and Ellen White are adamant and emphatic that there were two separate and distinct substances, and therefore I think it incorrect to insist that they are really one.

  • Episode 17 - The Tables of Stone were Confirmed as PART of the New Covenant. (23 minutes)

    So what does all this mean? What message does this discovery have for the Christian world? What does it mean that Christ sprinkled His blood and water above the Ten Commandments?

    Episode 18 - Does the Sprinkling of the Law HAVE to be a Literal Sprinkling, or Could it Have Been Fulfilled Symbolically? (22 minutes)

    When Christ sprinkled the many nations with His blood on the cross, He only symbolically sprinkled them. Obviously it would be impossible to literally sprinkle every person on earth with His blood. But does that mean that the law could have been sprinkled symbolically as well? Does that mean that the Tables of Stone did not have to be literally sprinkled as I have been insisting so far? Perhaps when the law is written on our hearts and our hearts are symbolically sprinkled with the blood of Christ, this - and not this discovery - is the antitype to Hebrews 9:19?

    Episode 19 - Ron Wyatt's Testimonies. (8 minutes)

    A brief look into some of the stories and testimonies that Ron Wyatt shared with us, to see if they match up to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. Ron claimed to have met four angels in the cave with the Ark of the Covenant, and claimed to have even met Jesus Christ Himself whilst digging! What does Ellen White say about such possibilities?

    Episode 20 - Final Thoughts and Questions. (25 minutes)

    This final episode ties up some loose ends, and answers, as well as poses some final questions.